Single or taken, man or woman, everyone desires to be more attractive in some way.  Since we normally cannot change our looks, we seek to improve as people to become more attractive.  Beyond reading and showing off flashy things, here are a few FREE ways to become more attractive without changing the way you look.

Be Less Available

When people can always reach you, they tend to take advantage of you.  To avoid being taken for granted, spend your time on your own endeavors first.  Don't answer the phone at all hours of the night for acquaintances and friends who aren't active in your life.  Only answer business calls during business hours.  Give your significant other windows of when your time will be free that give them a chance to see you, but not all the power on how and when.

Wear great perfumes

Smell is the sense that scientists argue is most linked to memory.  Good smells release dopamine and when paired with favorable actions, these smells can illicit and very strong response from the person that was stimulated.  Perfumes actually aren't expensive and will last you quite a while.  Take care to have different fragrances for parts of the day as sweet smells and night smells should be used in accordance to setting.


99% of people are more attractive when they smile.  Even if your teeth look like dice, a genuine smile puts the people around you at ease and clearly displays your thoughts on the current situation.  One can grow addicted to the smile of another as that smile may mean something positive for the one who made it show.  Spend some time in the mirror figuring out what your smile looks like so you know exactly how people will perceive you.


Being well-kept is a staple of a put together person.  Groomed hair, fresh breath, clean nails, pressed clothes, and a clean space are just a few of the things that set people apart.  Proper hygiene usually speaks about your cleanliness and care in other aspects of life which makes this an important

Dress Well

rebel Dressing well is said to be a form of good manners.  When you dress well, not only do you catch looks, but people also want to be around you to be looked at.  The best part is that you don't have to be rich to dress well.  Just stay in the know about what the latest trends are and find them at places like Old Navy and Cotton on.

Stay in Shape

fitness Not only does this help you look great, it keeps you healthy.  Staying in shape can change your outward appearance, but its helps in even more subtle ways.  It makes you more confident.  It makes you a person of routine.  And it makes you seem like you have some sort of structure in life, which is very sexy.  Both sexes can agree that someone who is mindful of their health tends to be attractive.

Call People By Their Names

friends No matter who a person is, one of their favorite things will be getting called by their name.  Remembering names can be difficult, though. My trick for remembering is saying their name three times aloud while looking at their face.  This usually works and let's them know that you really did try if you happen to forget.

Learn Another Language

translator Learning another language opens your dating life up to an entire new demographic of people.  You can now converse with the people who speak that language and probably understand people who speak a similar language.  Just as with english, the person who learns a new language has a "cute accent" to native speakers.  It also shows your intelligence and perseverance which are two awesome traits.

Say Positive Things

group of friends People feed off of positivity.  Being an optimist is so attractive and contagious.  People will begin to notice that what you say is usually something that people like to hear and reply to which makes you seem more attractive overall.  Learn how to stroke people's egos properly and see how much they love to have you around.

Have a Pet

woman shaking hands with her dog Having a dog or cat lets people see your nurturing side.  Of course puppies are cute, but your relationship with your animal signifies how you expect your relationship with other people to go, especially regarding kids.  Show love and compassion as well as discipline and sternness when necessary.  Above all else, always show control.

Talk About Family

A person who has a good relationship with their family is a great person to be around. They understand that unconditional bond that is hard to have with people who you aren't enterally bound to.  The understanding it takes to be able to forgive almost anything a family member could do is what makes relationships work for better or for worse.

Learn To Dance

Dancing is a person's vertical expression of their horizontal desires.  The way that you move on the dance floor shows a person a bit of what you're about in the bedroom.  Learning different dances also exposes you to different cultures because of which group popularized the dance.  Lastly, it shows a person how you are with giving and taking directions.


A well-travelled person has a different perspective on the world and on life itself.  Seeing different cultures and different people really lets you know how different people may seem and how alike we really are.  A person who travels must learn to make friends and adapt quickly, which are two more important aspects of dating.

Learn To Tell A Great Joke

Learning how to tell a great story is what can make a person fall in love with you forever.  Good delivery of a joke involves a good introduction, suspense, pitfalls, and the grand finale of the pun or ending.  An awesome joke can be told multiple times to the same people and still be funny just because of how it is delivered.  Practice and master this art to become more attractive.