In a relationship, it tends to be the man who is expected to watch his words more often.  It isn't that they're dumb.  Men are generally more inconsiderate as women command a higher level of emotional intelligence than their male counterparts. This is a 50-instance guide of phrases a man should not utter to a woman lest he desires to be on her bad side.  And why would he ever?  Because one knows that hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn.  Enjoy!  

  1. You can stop by, if you want.- Be direct in your approach like a man should.  
  2. Make me a sandwich- It’s rude, chauvinistic, and she’s not your mom
  3. You wear too much make-up- That’s none of your business and how does one even classify what too much makeup is?
  4. Because your a woman- Even if it’s true, find another, more relevant reason.
  5. Send Nudes-  If she wants to send them, she will.  Don't ask
  6. When are we going to hookup/have sex?-  The answer is "when it happens" and now that date is a little further off.
  7. Sit there and look pretty- Don’t ever say this.  If you want something to sit there and look pretty, buy a plant
  8. Stop being bossy-  When a woman is giving out orders, just listen.  They rarely do unless it is necessary
  9. Call me daddy- This is one of the more disturbing requests that some males make.
  10. Is it your time of the month?- Again, this is none of your business.  If she wants you to know, you’ll find out.
  11. Whats going on with your hair?-  This is one of the things a woman is usually conscious of so if something seems out of place, trust me, she knows.

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  12. She’s just a friend, I swear-  The woman should be able to tell that without you saying it.
  13. Do you want a salad?-  The possible implications behind this just aren’t worth it.
  14. You look tired-  In this case, all she heard was, “You look like crap today”.
  15. You look sick- See above.
  16. I pay the bills- Both of you know who pays the bills.  What exactly are you trying to gain by reminding her?
  17. You really drink beer/whisky?- Didn’t know you needed a penis to enjoy an IPA or some single malt scotch.
  18. Calm down/ Relax-  Nobody who is trying to get their point across wants to hear this.  You listen, nod your head, and wait until she’s finished explaining to talk.
  19. You’re a psycho-  This is extremely dismissive and hurtful to hear for any woman.
  20. Do you have a friend for my friend?-  Why can't your friend get his own girl?
  21. Can we still be friends?  If you're asking, whatever you did before must've been bad enough to be cut off for good.  
  22. You looked better on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)-  We all use filters so trust me, you look better too.
  23. How come you never smile?  The answer to this is everyone smiles.  So if they’re not smiling at you, you’d do well to remove yourself.
  24. You’re not capable.-  Anything he can do, she can do better.  ANYTHING!
  25. That’s a man’s job-  Just don’t.
  26. I’ve had better-  Keep this one to yourself if you want to keep this woman around.
  27. You look bad today.-  It doesn’t matter if she looks like she just survived the apocalypse.  You come up with something nice to say.
  28. That’s a woman’s job-  Most likely, this is going to come off as sexist.  Steer clear.
  29. I’m doing ________ with my ex-  It isn’t that you can’t do things with your ex, just say her name.  They don’t want to think of her as your ex.
  30. Bitch-  Even if you hate her, there are ton of less derogatory expletives that you can use.
  31. Fuck you-  Another rude phrase that can be replaced by a multitude of classier euphemisms.
  32. You’re being dramatic/overreacting-  Unless you mean to have her take it up a notch, do not utter these words.  There is a reason for the way she feels so focus on that.
  33. You look fine- Mind your adjectives.  Find another way to describe her.
  34. You have daddy issues-  This goes for both sexes, but especially women.  Daddy issues are a huge problem but throwing it in a person's face just fosters hate and resentment.
  35. You look hot-  This can be okay at times, especially when coupled with a gesture, but you can do better.
  36. Sure-  She’ll take a yes and sometimes even a no over hearing “sure”.
  37. Do what you want-  At that point, what she wants to do is whatever is going to piss you off the most.
  38. It’s up to you-  What she really means is she wants you to pay enough attention to her to know what she wants to do or eat in any given situation.
  39. I don’t care-  If you don’t care, why should she?
  40. It’s not you, it’s me-  Oldest bullsh*t excuse in the book.  Next!
  41. How are you getting home?-  That's none of your business thirsty boy.
  42. Is your friend single?-  She’s not hitch.  Go talk to her yourself.
  43. You _______ like a girl?-  It's not cool to use the word girl to mean weaker/ softer, etc.
  44. You're not good at driving-  As soon as you say that, she's wondering why you never told her you're a Nascar driver since, apparently, you're so much better than she is.
  45. You should ________ like my mom does-  Chill with the Oedipus complex little boy, it's creepy.
  46. Your pet is ugly-  It doesn't matter if her pet won the world's ugliest contest.  It's her baby and she loves it just the way it is.
  47. Is there extra room in your bed/shower?-  Probably, but you're not invited and it's creepy when you ask.
  48. How much do you weigh?-  Don't ask this unless you're okay with parting with your life.
  49. How many sexual partners have you had?  This is none of your business and makes you seem very insecure.
  50. That girl is such a slut- Because what do you say about her behind her back?
  51. Your mom is ________?-  Let her talk about her mom and you can decide to agree or disagree later.