100,000 Users and Counting!

This week TryDate broke the 100K users threshold. We are thrilled at how fast we have grown in less than one year and are taking a moment to reflect.  Our team is not surprised that the idea is catching attention because we believe that we have the most unique dating application on the market. When we compare ourselves to Tinder, Bumble, and other dating apps; we know that we have features that none of our competitors have.  Team TryDate prides itself on being different, and the numbers show that it’s working.  

But how are we different?

Must Chat to Reveal

To have the privilege of seeing someone’s complete profile, you must chat with them for a set period of time.  A great deal of the thousands of hours spent developing this app were focused on learning the shortcomings of other dating apps.  Our research team learned that too many people were swiping simply for an ego boost.  We changed that.  Now, to take a look into someone’s life, you need to have a genuine conversation.  


You Don’t Need A Bio

If you research dating app tips, one prevalent aspect is formulating a bio.  Advice ranges from be funny or talk about your degree to tell people what your favorite Netflix show is; and most of it is nonsense.  Every TryDate user must answer a series of 10 questions to give people an idea of their life, goals, and aspirations.  The questions cover marriage, children, religion, alcohol, partying; basically the things that make or break every relationship.  

Tell Your Story With More Than Five Photos

Indecisive is a word that comes up a lot when talking about choosing what to say on a dating app, but choosing the photos is a whole different story.  Do I show a beach pic?  Are dog pics cool?  The answer is, it depends on the person.  The TryDate coding and development team decided to squash this problem by allowing people to upload more than five photos, I’ve seen people with 30, so don’t worry about choosing between your mirror selfie and a pic of Fido.  


Our unique match and profile reveal process is truly one-of- a-kind. It’s the reason why we have

grown to 100k users in less than a year. Tell your single friends to jump on board to cultivate deep connections with people who are seeking the same thing.  


Team TryDate is committed to helping you Connect Like Never Before. Thank you for loving our app and helping us become one of the best online dating apps in the world!