Free Mimosas On Us, August 20th; Location…TBA 

Brunch is the 8th wonder of the world. Well, maybe not. Yet, there is something so magical about breakfast food and unlimited mimosas. That is why we are giving away $1,000 worth of free mimosas, on August 20th, to everyone who shows up to our TBA location (in South Florida) and reviews our app. 

The thought of Sunday morning steadiness being hijacked by a DJ, fried chicken and crispy waffles, and of course unlimited mimosas; sounds like a reason to celebrate. The perfect mix of morning pickup (orange juice) and party (alcohol) makes brunch the perfect choice, at least 1 Sunday a month, if not more.  

Brunch is also a perfect place for single people. Why? It allows you to tackle two pervading issues; that is, does your potential partner like to have fun and are they gainfully employed. Brunch is 100% a treat-your-self activity. Everything you eat and drink at brunch can be whipped up quickly and for much cheaper at home. So why do we brunch? Because you can’t purchase a great experience and atmosphere in your kitchen and dining room area. 

When you find a great brunch location, it is like finding a new group of friends. Everyone in the building is there for the same reasons: great good, good drinks, and great company. There are several things to look for in a great brunch location if you are single.

Good music with a live DJ

Fast service and amazing food

Unlimited Mimosas

If the location has this trifecta, then they crowds will be present. Barrowing a line from a favorite movie of mine The field of dreams, “If you build it, they will come.” The rest is on you to start a group text and tell the single herd to drag themselves from their beds and be ready to mingle. Or if you are bold, so up alone and meet new people and other single people and create your own adventure. 

Don’t miss out on meeting new singles, having mimosas (free; on us), and finding your new favorite brunch location. Make sure you are following us on social media, where we will be announcing our location for August 20th.