TryDate is the first dating application that guides singles on the journey of establishing a genuine connection. So many apps before it became based on superficial traits because of their reliance on photos and shallow bios, but not anymore. Here’s how to start matching up with interesting singles in a way that the world has yet to see. 


Get Started: Download TryDate to from the App Store or Google Play Store. Create a profile using Facebook or your own email address. Choose photos that compliment your features and allow your face  to be seen clearly. Answer the questions to outline your interests and write an interesting bio, expressing your reasons for being on the dating  app.


Start Swiping:  Start browsing through singles and swiping right on who you want to meet with. You can see their interests and photos, but won’t get their name just yet, so no Facebook stalking.  Next, you must choose who you would like to meet based on physical preference and the traits they highlight through the answers they’ve provided and their bio.


Pro-Tip:  You get one direct message per day to someone you have not matched, so use it wisely.


Matches:  If you swipe right on someone and they reciprocate, you are now matched.  You will now see   their name, and this time their photos are hidden, but it’s cool because you’ve already decided that you might want to rub nasties with them.  But don’t worry, the entire profile will be revealed soon.  On the top of your message field, there is a status bar that will fill as you exchange messages until it is full. Once it is, you will see your match’s photos, interests, and name on a completed profile.


Date:  By the time your match is fully revealed, we hope that you’ve sparked the flame that will lead to something more.  This article helped guide you through the first few steps, but it’s time to for you to leave the nest.  We suggest that you are unique and open. Remember, we’re connecting like never before, so don’t be afraid to try something new.



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