By TryDate Staff 


With one week left in our video contest, we have been receiving a lot of emails asking our staff for ideas to make your videos. Due to the amount of requests, we decided to write a blog post to help you out.  


We quizzed some of the people on our staff and here are the top 3 ideas:


1.   The Classic Beach Run. We have seen the movies where two friends or lovers see each other on the beach and run into each other’s arms, usually in slow motion. Our smart phones are so awesome now, that many models have a slow-motion option. You can easily grab a few friends and head to the beach at an optimal time to pull off an incredible video. It helps when you have beautiful sunrise and sunset to add the background of your “Connect like Never Before” video.  

2.   Meeting at a Coffee Shop.  Another great idea is meeting that special someone at a coffee shop. You can easily plan on going to your favorite coffee shop like Starbucks or Dunkin and bring a friend. Take turns holding the camera and record both of you ordering a coffee. Both people will order the same coffee and when it is ready, both people could grab the coffee at the same time. In that moment, both people look up and into each other’s eyes and BAM, love.  

3.   The Clumsy Lovers. Finally, we have the classic clumsy lovers, who bump into each other while crossing paths. This scene can happen in so many different locations; library, grocery store, work place, and sidewalk. After bumping into one another, one or both people drop some items. When trying to help one another pick up their belongings, they notice that there is an undeniable attraction.

The best part of these three ideas, is that they can either be done in a serious manner or in a humorous way. We have no preference on which style you take, but we do want you to make your video and have fun doing it. If you don’t submit a video, then you can’t be entered to win the $300.00 dollars.  


If you need any more help with ideas, then email us at or contact us through our social media, TryDate (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter).


Remember, the deadline is July 31st and we'll announce the winner August 1st.